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Jenny and Kim

19 September
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We Are two twin sisters sharing an account. We are both Big anime, manga and video game fans. We love collecting figures and Cosplay is one of our favorite things to do.

Theme: Liz and Patty

Mood theme and the animated gifs were made by: alice_rm *thanks a bunch*

Avatar the last air bender,Black Butler, Bleach, Blood+, Bobobo, Bones, Code Geass, Comic book super heros(spiderman, Teen Titans ect...)Cowboy Bebop, DC,Death Note, Descendants of Darkness, Digimon,Disney, Drangon Ball z, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Hamtaro, Hana Kimi, Harry Potter, House, Inuyasha, Kimba, Kingdom Hearts, Love Hina, Mavel, Mermaid Melody, Monster, Monster Ranchers, Naruto, Nintendo, One Piece, Ouran Host Club,Pokemon, Ronin Warriors, Samurai Champloo, Sailor Moon,Soul Eater, Starwars, Street fighter, Speed Racer,Tales of Symphonia, Tokko, Trigun, Twilight, Ultra Maniac,Vampire Knight, Video games, yu-gi-oh, Zombie Powder, Zoids and the list keeps growing

We are working on Code Abridged, it is a abridged Code Geass. We both do voices and some of the writing .

Code Abridged




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